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Silica and Silicon Equipments
Solar Energy Silicon Single Crystal Furnace
Product Re-order No.: SS/PV/MZ600

The MCZ-6000 series solar energy silicon single crystal furnace is a kind of equipment for causing the silicon polytropism material and growing the non-dislocation unit crystal with straight Daraf by the graphite resistor heater heating in the idle spirit body environment, including A、B、C、D、F、Z series.It may produce the high grade unit crystal which the solar cell needs. This kind of elemental crystal furnace can use 18”-20”inch quartz crucibles with the materials 60~80kg,drawing 6~8 inches unit crystals.

This equipment is designed based on equivalent microgravity crystal growth theory,may install each kind of electricity or the permanent magnetic field, achieveing the magnetic field crystal pulling.


Silicon metal furnace, ferrosilicon furnace and other types of smelting furnace
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SINOSI GROUP  ----- focus on alloy furnace building market
                         -----supply high quality equipment.
At present, SINOSI GROUP supply most advanced technologies on building alloy furnaces, undertake varies of project in and abroad, focus on the technical support on alloy furnace building market like silicon metal furnace, ferrosilicon furnace, SiMn furnace, Steel smelting furnace, etc. With years of experiences, our engineers and experts owns skilled knowledge and operations on design, construction, technology training and smelting. At the same time, we equipped the furnace with complete and first class environmental protection system, which on one hand make our project unpolluted, and on the other hand could collect useful and valuable by-products.
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Environment protection system
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