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Who we are
We, SINOSI GROUP CORPORATION (SINOSI) is a professional and leading producer and supplier of silica and silicon materials (silicon dioxide, silicon oxygen, pure silicon) and related products such as quartz, crystal, amorphous silica, hydrated silica, fused silica, ferro silicon, silicon metal, mono and polycrystalline silicon and so on. Meanwhile, we also offer the machinery, equipments, instruments and related service in this silica and silicon industry field in China and cover the world wide. Backed by the former Ministry of Geology & Mineral Resources of P. R. China and sharing the most state of the art lab facilities and research resources of the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences and Technologies enabled our SINOSI as a first class company in producing quality silica and silicon materials and related products as well as one of the most reliable trading and exchanging company in the world wide.

What we offer
We, SINOSI and her subordinate and underling branch companies, such as Sino Surplus International Ltd., Sino Silica Beijing Co., Ltd. and Sinosi Sci-Tech Beijing Co., Ltd. and so on, have been developed and merchandised various materials and products in mainly 30 categories, more than 500 types of silica and silicon materials and related products in China. Now, the SINOSI users have been covered and spread over 50 more countries and areas in the world wide market. The 5N (99.999%) high purity quartz (HPQ) sand, the 3 to 5N (99.9 to 99.999%) micro and nanometer spherical silica powder (SSP) and 6 to 9N purity silicon materials SINOSI provided in the market, now becomes one of the key materials in the silica and silicon industry and related business field. By this way, SINOSI now is also becoming one of producer and suppliers of the machinery, equipments, instruments and related technical service for the silica and silicon production in the world wide market. We, SINOSI, are and will be keeping the challenging of the highest peak of world’s technology with his top performance in the silica and silicon industry and related business field in the world wide.

Meanwhile, we, SINOSI now are also dealing the mineral materials in the world wide market such as iron ore, chrome ore, manganese ore, barites, talc, and kaolin clay and so on.

The petroleum and chemical materials are also included in SINOSI import businesses, such as crude oil, fuel oil, base oil, filling materials, polishing materials as well as cleaning materials.

Our professional team
We, SINOSI, have a team of professional engineers, specialists and experts in geology, mineral, metallurgy, chemistry, machinery, electron, solar energy and international trading in the silica and silicon producing and trading business field in the world wide who have more than 10 to 30 years experiences for the research, testing, producing, quality controlling, business holding and team managing in the world wide market. Their profound theory and successful practical operation experience has been unanimously recognized and highly regarded in the field.

The SINOSI technicians have actively combined traditional exploration, mining, processing techniques and modern smelting, purifying, analysis and controlling techniques and mechanics together. Through the study of geological theory of SiO2, Silicon molecule dynamics theory, granularity crystal plasticity deformation theory, molecule fission theory, inner crystal air-raid impurity deformation theory and other theories, handling the core sample to purifying refine process by mathematical models, Online QCS testing and controlling of materials and finished products with instruments of millionth to billionth precision, to ensure SINOSI to be the constant and steady provider of high-purity and super granularity silica and silicon materials to customers all over the world.

Our managing spirit
First-Class products and services
We will use our every bit wisdom and power, to satisfy our customers’ need. We will adjust our products and services to move with the tide of time.

First-Class team and management
Our ultimate goal is to combine the company culture with our employee’s quality, knowledge, ability, experience, and spirit. Our team is to provide the best products and services while every single one of the team member is still growing for a better change.

First-Class mechanics and spirit
To be visionary and reasonable is our first spirit when considering management. We are setting rules with fairness and strictness, thus to form the principle of fairness, simplicity and consistent.

First-Class Enterprise Culture
Commitment, activated, open-minded, and creative is the professionalism of our staff. We are aiming at building a first-classed, high efficiency company, with simple and concordant working environment, and to create better life standard for everyone.

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